ADVENT Tacto 11.6″ Touchscreen Laptop


Advent affordable touchscreen 11.6 ” laptop touch screen is a great device for everyday computing with multi touch navigation and intuitive Windows 8.

Introduction to Windows 8

Imaginative applications for home screen live tiles , Windows 8 and touch Advent laptop touch pad work simultaneously to provide the user with a truly interactive experience.

Windows 8 has integrated all the reliable features of previous Microsoft operating system and added some new , new tools to transform everyday computing .

Customize the home screen with live news , social media and tiles all updated in real time, download applications from a number of interesting titles and access your files from anywhere with web -based cloud storage .

Windows 8 is optimized for touch screen interfaces , but also works well with a keyboard and track pad, so you get super smooth feel however you decide to use your touch screen laptop Advent .

purpose computer

With its Intel ® Celeron ® and 4 GB of RAM , mobile touch Advent offers a lot of speed and power for web browsing , email and word processing . There is also a 500 GB hard drive , which offers space for all your favorite music and photos.

The touch screen responds to 10 points multiple gestures, so you can tap , pinch and swipe their way through appropriate programs and computer files.

Amazingly thin and lightweight , the contact can move with you , so it’s perfect for taking to the library , at work or with a friend.

Stay connected

There are many connections on 11.6 ” Touch of Advent, including three USB ports, VGA and HDMI ports and SD memory card.

You get online in an instant built -in WiFi connection, or if you prefer a more reliable wired network, you can use a Gigabit LAN connection. Once online , you can stay in touch with friends and family using the integrated webcam and Skype.

The advent touch 11.6 ” laptop with a touch screen is fully equipped to handle all your everyday computing needs .

Product code: 057506